Borders staying open, Germans insist

BERLIN — Germany’s top security official on Wednesday proposed introducing joint German-Polish patrols on the two countries’ border to help clamp down on illegal crossings into Germany by migrants arriving from Belarus, but said no one has any intenti…

Travel to Canada: latest Covid rules and practical guidance

Until recently the trajectory of Canada’s Covid-19 response was similar to that of the UK and many other countries. Unlike the UK, however, a fresh tightening of rules has followed a rise in cases after a relaxing of regulations in the early summer.

10 Weird Facts About The Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Ask most car enthusiasts to name the ultimate off-road Mercedes and they’d probably say a G-Class. After all, the G Wagon was a European farmer’s favorite long before it became a hit with the population of Beverly Hills. While they’re not entirely wron…