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31.05.2022: Oil embargo against Russia
Brussels (dpa) – The EU member states have agreed on a compromise in the dispute over the planned oil embargo against Russia. At Hungary’s insistence, only seaborne Russian oil shipments are to be banned for the t…

Canada finalises first contract for new multi-role tanker fleet

The Canadian government has finalised the first contract in its plan to procure a new fleet of multi-role aerial refuelling aircraft, the government said on 14 July.
The Strategic Tanker Transport Capability (STTC) initiative aims to replace the Royal …

Canada to join the list of A330 MRTT operators

Under the Strategic Tanker Transport Capability Project, the Government of Canada purchased two A330-200s for conversion to the Airbus MRTT version.

CC-150 Polaris have been in service with the Royal Canadian Air Force since 1992. Photo: RCAF.

The …

Canada picks Airbus for multirole tanker transport requirement

Canadian defence minister Anita Anand revealed on 14 July that the Department of National Defence (DND) on 14 July has finalised a contract to buy and convert a pair of Airbus A330-200 passenger aircraft into multirole tanker transport (MRTT) platforms…

German air force ends A310 operations with transfer to Canada

Germany’s air force has ended three decades of operations with the Airbus A310, with its final example having performed a last flight on 21 June. The sortie involved the aircraft being transferred to Canada, which has acquired it as a spare parts sourc…

Airbus solely qualifies for Canada's tanker procurement

05 April 2021

by Pat Host
Only Airbus and its A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft qualified to bid for Canada’s Strategic Tanker Transport Capability (STTC) Project, Canada announced on 1 April.
Canada seeks to replace its Royal Canadian …

Canada seeking qualified bidders for Polaris replacement

By Chris Thatcher | February 16, 2021

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The Canadian government is inviting aerospace and other interested companies to qualify for the Strategic Tanker Transport Capability (STTC) project.