Europe’s fastest growing climate tech startups

European climate tech is taking off. Last year, investors poured $10bn into startups trying to tackle the climate crisis, up from $5.4bn the year before.
There’s a huge breadth of startups working in the area, from agritechs changing the way we eat to …

Devas seizes $6.8 million worth of AAI property in Canada

The shareholders had sought the right to seize all sum or moveable property of India and/or AAI being held by the International Air Transport Association

Devas shareholders have seized $6.8 million worth of Airport Authority of India’s (AAI’s) proper…

They thought they were untouchable

For years, big-time drug dealers like Thomas Maher – on the face of it a successful haulier living in a nice Cheshire suburb – could operate with impunity, untouchables laughing at the law.
That all changed in 2021, a year when serious criminals finall…