The EU imports liquefied natural gas from Russia to a record

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 30th. “Reference News” published a report on TASS on November 30th, “EU imports liquefied natural gas from Russia hits record”. The abstract of the article is as follows: The total amount of Russian LNG imported by European countries from January to October this year increased by 42% compared with the same period in 2021.

According to the Financial Times, in the first 10 months of 2022, Russia’s LNG supply to European countries reached a record 17.8 billion cubic meters. According to the newspaper’s calculations, Russian LNG accounted for 16% of the total seaborne natural gas imports of European countries during the reporting period. The main buyers of Russian LNG are Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and France.

In addition, so far this year, Europe has also received 62.1 billion cubic meters of Russian gas through natural gas pipelines, indicating that it is not ready to completely abandon Russian gas. According to the Financial Times, Europe imported 155 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas (including liquefied natural gas) last year. The natural gas pipeline passing through Ukraine is currently the only pipeline for Russia to supply natural gas to countries in Western and Central Europe.

In addition, Russia supplies natural gas to Turkey, Southern and Southeast European countries through other pipelines.

(Editors in charge: Ai Wen, Liu Yeting)

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