Lineage expands European network with cold store in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Lineage has opened a new cold store at the Cool Port II site in City Terminal, Rotterdam The new cold store is the only one in Rotterdam connected with Rotterdam short sea terminals, enabling customers to connect to destinations in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and beyond. The fully automated deep-freeze high bay warehouse offers 60,000 pallet locations, three automated truck unloading systems and a full range of services to safely store food products.

Lineage says the site features the industry's most advanced automation systems, helping to address labour volatility, provide fast and efficient service to clients and reduce the site's energy consumption, while ensuring the highest level of food safety and reduction of food waste. Cool Port II uses precision cooling cycles to minimise energy leakage and has a high-rise design that maximises storage density and reduces the site's energy footprint. Best-in-class refrigeration technology and the latest systems for temperature control, combined with the energy-saving design of the site, make Cool Port II a frontrunner in energy efficiency in the cold storage sector, says the company.

The site is up to 45% more energy efficient than a conventional cold storage site, Lineage says. Harld Peters, president of Europe, Lineage, said: "In addition to its strategic location, Cool Port II utilises the latest in automation technology. Our aim is to be a driving force behind greening the supply chain, investing in our people and our facilities to deploy the very latest in cold storage technology.

"In this way, we can reduce our energy footprint while providing the solutions our customers need to deliver food safely and efficiently throughout Europe and beyond," Peters said. Cool Port has over 11,000 solar panels on its roof, making Lineage one of the leading companies in the Port of Rotterdam when it comes to generating solar power for in-house use. As a Climate Pledge signatory, Lineage is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions across its operations by 2040.

"We are proud to open this state-of-the-art facility, a multi-modal facility that is well connected by road, rail and barges and the only cold store facility in Rotterdam connected with the Short Sea Terminals," said Mark Ketelaar, regional vice president for the Benelux Region at Lineage Logistics.

In recent years Lineage has expanded its network across Europe, creating a one-stop-shop solution for customers across the continent.

This reduces the complexity of moving food between countries, reduces food waste and makes the distribution of food more efficient and resilient.