Semi-truck full of Bud Light spills onto Kentucky highway


Thousands of Bud Light cans were sent rolling on an interstate highway after a semi-truck transporting the beer crashed not far from Louisville, Kentucky. The beer spillage occurred on Wednesday morning. Police said the truck overturned while on a ramp off the Interstate 71 highway.

"We can confirm this is spilled beer," the Kentucky Department of Highways District 5 said on social media. "Do we cry?" Lousiville Metro Police told WDRB the truck had been approaching the Gene Snyder Freeway on a ramp when it overturned, spilling the Bud Light cans between the freeway and a grass section.


Louisville police said on Twitter that there were no injuries as a result of the collision and warned of delays as crews worked to clean-up the mess. The road was closed for several hours before reopening later on Wednesday morning after the beer had been dealt with, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Traffic Response and Incident Management Assisting the River Cities (TRIMARC) said.

On social media, many joked about the beer spillage with one Twitter user writing: "Looks like my basement back in 2006". Sports journalist Marc Betrand meanwhile argued: "If this had happened in Massachusetts we would be holding a candlelight vigil." "Thank goodness it was 'lite'!", retired NBA player Stanley Roberts tweeted. "Imagine how heavy the regular version".

"First time this grass has been watered in weeks," another Twitter user added.


Bud Light remains the US's most popular beer with 33m barrels of the light larger produced for American consumption in 2018, which according to USA Today was more than 15 per cent of the overall market share.

The Independent has approached Bud Light's parent company Anheuser-Busch for comment.