Crews Rescue Person From Under Garbage Truck In Bovina, New York

Never a day goes by when we see emergency personnel headed to assist a person or persons for whatever the situation might be. It becomes second nature to not give it a thought except to move over if you are in traffic where the emergency vehicle needs to pass by you. But these brave individuals are heading to a situation to perform heroic acts, no matter how large or small.

And they do it again and again, day after day. Sometimes they have to put their own safety in danger to help people in need. One such case of a heroic situation occurred recently (August 1st)  in the town of Bovina in Delaware County, which is just east of Delhi.

According to the Bovina Fire and EMS Facebook page, they were dispatched to a situation where a person was trapped under a garbage truck.

Bovina Fire & EMS

via Bovina Fire & EMS Facebook


A New York State Police officer reported the incident after driving up to the scene. According to the Bovina Fire and EMS Facebook post, rescuers used a road grader from the Town of Andes to stabilize the garbage truck during the extraction process where they had to dig out dirt to make it possible for the extraction.

Bovina Fire and EMS

via Bovina Fire and EMS Facebook


Many people are to be applauded for their efforts to rescue the person who was pinned under the garbage truck. It is what they do, selfishly, every day.

Bovina Fire & EMS

via Bovina Fire & EMS Facebook


via Bovina Fire and EMS 

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