Osage Nation Receives New Fire Truck

Wednesday, July 27th 2022, 2:18 pm By: News On 6 The Osage Nation Wildland Fire has received a new fire truck which was custom built by a team of Ultra-High Pressure experts.

The Ford F-550 6.7L Diesel Extended Cab is equipped with "custom boxes, a set of super singles", and has even been lifted. According to HMA Fire , these advanced technological benefits protect firefighters more extensively from toxins and firefighter fatigue. When committing to the selection of the UHP unit, ONWF Director Ross Walker had this to say about the truck; "Having this new Wildland fire engine will allow us to cover more acreage and staff additional personnel giving us the capabilities to cover more area and respond to more wildfires when we have multiple new wildfire starts during our fire season at the same time.

This engine will also be used during prescribed burns our department implements.

I've very excited to use it."

The new truck is already in service.