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Canada’s spot market beginning to normalize: Loadlink – Truck News

Canada's spot market saw an influx of capacity amid softening freight demand in June, according to Loadlink Technologies. The shift signals a return to normalization. Spot market loads fell 23% from record May volumes, but remained 7% higher year over year.

trucks and loads graph

Capacity grew for the third straight money, with 2.53 trucks posted for every load.

Some lanes, such as Alberta and Vancouver, did see growth, however. Outbound freight to the U.S. dropped 53% from May, but remained up 21% from last June. Inbound cross-border loads fell 34% from May and were down 6% year over year.

Domestic loads dipped 21% from May, but remained 25% stronger year over year.

Loadlink describes the 2.53 truck-to-load ratio as "healthy," with the ratio remaining about 5% lower than the 2.68 trucks per load posted last June.

spot market infographic