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Transport Canada announces new fines for companies, individuals who violate Motor Vehicle Safety Act

HALIFAX, N.S. -- Transport Canada is proposing new regulations to fine companies and individuals who violate the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. The new penalties will range up to £4,000 for an individual and up to £200,000 for a company. Fines will also apply per violation, meaning they can be stacked for multiple breaches of the act.

For severe violations that affect multiple vehicles, tires, child seats, or those occurring over multiple days, Transport Canada will be able to issue several penalties. "The Motor Vehicle Safety Act is intended to keep Canadians safe," said Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra in a news release. "Violations carry consequences and with these new proposed fines, our message is clear - violating the Act and endangering Canadians' safety could cost you, literally."

Financial penalties have proven to be an effective deterrent to non-compliance in Canada's regulatory sectors, noted the release.

The new proposed fines will provide Transport Canada with a new enforcement response to match the gravity and consequences of violations for non-compliance.

The regulations will also bring road transportation enforcement in line with rail, marine and aviation sectors, which can already issue fines.