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The Decibel Coalition launches its petition to deal with excessive boat motor noise across Canada

Would you like to do something about excessively loud boats? You are not alone! The Decibel Coalition is doing something about it and we need your help.


15, 2021 /CNW/ – The National Decibel Coalition (Decibel Coalition) is working with waterfront property owners associations, municipalities and enforcement agencies to have the legislation governing boat motor noise changed to include noise limits measured in decibels. The USA and Europe have decibel limits for boat motor noise and it has worked very effectively for many years. Stop very loud boats in Canada; sign the Decibel Coalition’s petition.

If your time by your lake or river or ocean was spoiled by very loud boats and you would like it to stop then please sign the Coalition’s petition. You will be telling Transport Canada that you are fed up with excessively noisy motor boats and that you support changing the law to include decibel limits. You can find the petition link here: Stop Very Loud Boats in Canada .

It is very important you include in the “why you are signing” section, a description of where you are bothered by loud boats, name of your lake/waterway, comments to convey how disruptive these boats are and how fed up you are with them. And of course, pass the link on to friends and neighbours and post it to your social media accounts. With your help the Decibel Coalition will get the laws updated, bring Canada in line with the US and EU and give police the tools they need to make our lakes and rivers a more respectful place for all to enjoy!

About the Decibel Coalition The Decibel Coalition was formed in the fall of 2019 by Safe Quiet Lakes Safe Quiet Lakes with the objective of lobbying Transport Canada to enhance the regulation to include decibel limits on boat motor noise. Today we have over 40 lake associations as members representing over 90,000 waterfront property owners and 8 municipalities in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec that are members or support our objectives.

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