Prometeon opens new R&D centre in Turkey

Milan, Italy – Prometeon Tyre Group (PTG), Pirelli’s former industrial tire division, has inaugurated a new research & development centre in Kocaeli, Turkey, it was announced 9 Sept.  The centre, built with an investment of £15 million (EUR12.7 million), will represent the largest R&D facility within the Italian group, which manufactures truck & bus, farm and off-road tires. The facility, PTG said in a statement, will focus on developing new tire technologies to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Furthermore, the unit will aim to develop leaner processes to lower energy costs and increase the rolling resistance of tires to improve fuel efficiency.  Located at PTG’s Kocaeli plant, which was built in 1960, the centre will increase the group’s R&D team in Turkey to 30 engineers. PTG operates three R&D centres in Italy, Brazil and Egypt in addition to the new facility in Turkey.

“Over last three years, we implemented several strategic initiatives that made Prometeon healthier, stronger and more resilient in an unprecedented scenario,” said Alexandre Bregantim, CTO.

The new R&D centre, he added,  will help the group achieve its goals in terms of improving both products and customer services.