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Two air passengers fined for false COVID-19 tests: Transport Canada

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MONTREAL -- Canada has fined two passengers for presenting a false or misleading COVID-19 test before boarding a flight to the country, the first time travelers have been hit since the introduction in January of mandatory pre-departure negative tests, the Canadian transport regulator said on Thursday. One of the passengers was fined £10,000 while the other was fined £7,000 for falsifying the COVID-19 test when they traveled from Mexico on January 23, Transport Canada said in a statement. The travelers also made a false declaration about their health status before boarding a flight to Canada, after having tested positive for novel coronavirus a few days before the flight, the regulator said.

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More countries, like Canada, are introducing mandatory COVID-19 test requirements for travelers.

Canada already has some of the toughest travel rules in the world aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

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