Trump riot: Man arrested near Capitol on Wednesday had ‘homemade napalm’ in pickup truck

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A man arrested near the Capitol Building during the pro-Trump riot had "homemade napalm" in his truck, police said. Lonnie Coffman is accused of having 11 Molotov cocktails containing gasoline and the napalm as the mayhem unfolded, according to federal prosecutors. Mr Coffman, 70, was arrested on gun and ammunition charges following the violent Trump riot in Washington DC on Wednesday.

He was detained by police after officers responded to a report of possible pipe bombs found in a pickup truck with Alabama plates. When Mr Coffman could not get back to his truck , which was being searched by police, he described it and told them that it belonged to him. Police officers told him they would help him find the truck and when they searched him found he had two handguns and the truck keys, according to officials.

Authorities say inside the truck they found the 11 petrol bombs, an M4 Carbine assault rifle and two handguns. Mr Coffman, who is from Falkville, Alabama, has already appeared in court say federal prosecutors, but his file has not yet been unsealed. The weapons were "ready to go" when Mr Coffman was arrested said acting US attorney for DC, Michael Sherwin.

Thousands of pro-Trump activists broke into the building, vandalised property and threatened lawmakers, who had to be protected by armed security. The rioters managed to initially prevent the certification of the electoral college votes, but when the building was re-taken by law enforcement the House and Senate returned to confirm Joe Biden's victory. US Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was killed in the violence, one woman was shot dead inside the Capitol, and three others died of "medical emergencies" during the shameful events.

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Mr Trump infamously initially refused to call in the National Guard and later released a video in which he told the rioters, "we love you".

He later put out a second video a day later in which he finally condemned the violence but falsely claimed he "immediately" sent in the Guard.

Mr Trump's supporters even "defecated' inside the Capitol Building before tracking it around the offices of lawmakers.

The outgoing president's rioters smeared "their extremist excrement around the building", said sources in Senator Chuck Schumer's office.

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