Indian city to levy road transport cess for pedestrian infrastructure


8 (Xinhua) -- India's southern city of Bengaluru will implement a 2-percent road transport cess on property tax from April after the city civic body had passed the resolution almost two years ago, a civic official said on Friday. The proceeds from the cess will be used for upkeep of pedestrian infrastructure in the city following formal approval from the Karnataka state government, of which Bengaluru is the state capital. Of the top eight metropolises in India, Bengaluru has the third highest number of pedestrian fatalities, according to local media reports.

Last year a study conducted by a state-run agency found that footpaths for pedestrians were only 47 percent of major roads in the city. The survey had covered 2,537 km of the city's major road network and revealed that footpaths were missing along 1,353 km, or 53 percent. Of the remaining 1,183 km, sidewalks can be seen on both sides for 1,142 km and on one side for 41 km.


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