Geodis launches cost-efficient US–Europe shipment service

Geodis has launched a service that enables intercontinental e-commerce deliveries at a low cost. The MyParcel service will enable small packages to shipped from the US to end consumers in 27 European countries within four to six days. MyParcel includes validation of delivery addresses and merchandise HS codes, a tax and customs duty calculator displayed throughout the payment process, an option to reschedule delivery, and shipment tracking at all stages of the shipment process.

Geodis said the MyParcel service will gradually be expanded globally. Manoj Pankaj, vice president cross-border e-commerce at Geodis, commented: "With the explosive growth of international e-commerce, our customers want to offer consumers a premium service at a completely transparent price." Ashwani Nath, global head of e-channel solutions at Geodis, added: "We are helping them to develop to their full potential in new markets by strengthening their international field of action.

"In the coming months we will be adding new geographical areas, both in terms of destinations and countries of origin as part of our global e-commerce strategy".

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